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my hair is purple-ish silver!! i missed having colors in my hair tbh!! thank u @jyaohair ❤️❤️❤️


"well why is it even important to mention aromantic and asexual people all the time not everyone gets mention-"

because our entire culture is so deeply steeped in sex and romance and there’s millions of people who want none of one or the other or both and they need to be recognized and mentioned instead of made to feel like they don’t fit and they’re broken




Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

"They’re in a better position to judge than I am."

I think this is how most open minded people who value communication, connection, and are willing to learn from others think.

…Did… Did Russel Brand just explain how to react to being called out on something? 



Cesc on Instagram:

"Great victory! Back to London now with the boys. Time to rest. 😉 @cesarazpi @johnterry.26 @filipeluis @willianborges88 @oscar_emboaba @andreschuerrle @nathanake57 @loicremy972 #Matic #Cahil #Zouma"



Pro-democracy demonstrators hold up their mobile phones during a protest near the Hong Kong government headquarters on September 29, 2014. (Dale de la Rey/AFP/Getty Images)

Believe in Hong Kong


En la segunda jornada de Champions, PSG derrotó a Barcelona en el mejor partido del día, mientras que Roma, de la mano de Totti, sacó un empate en Manchester. Maribor sigue sacando puntos mientras que Porto rescató un empate milagroso.

Fecha 2:

Grupo E: CSKA Moscú 0-1 Bayern

Grupo E: Man. City 1-1 Roma

Grupo F: PSG 3-2 Barcelona

Grupo F: APOEL 1-1 Ajax

Grupo G: Schalke 1-1 Maribor

Grupo G: Sporting 0-1 Chelsea

Grupo H: BATE 2-1 Athletic

Grupo H: Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Porto

PSG 3 - 2 FC Barcelona

Interview after match



Last Night in Ferguson (9.29-9.30): Protesters gathered yet again, in a truly uplifting night of action and calls for justice. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, due to the usual antagonism from the police, but it was solidarity at it’s finest. #staywoke #farfromover

Keep up with the action tonight. Follow the Argus Livestreams and/or BellaAiko from Occupy Oakland.

nice to see some positive news!


Gets me every time.


Remember when I was temporarily blind and my mom took me shopping but I got lost in the parking lot and ended up confused and in a hole and she just took pictures instead of helping me



Ferguson protesters show solidarity with Hong Kong protesters & students. The power of social media as a tool in 21st century social justice movements can NOT be overstated.